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Window Cleaning Near Me - Why Choose Us?

Here at Window Cleaning Near Me, we provide a network of experienced and reliable Window Cleaners. Our expert team specialises in providing Window Cleaning to both Residential and Commercial Properties. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a monthly Window Cleaner, or a small/large business looking for a tailored Window Cleaning package, we have the solution for you!

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

The cost of residential Window Cleaning can vary depending on a number of factors including the size of the house, the work needing to be carried out and other things such as access to the properties windows. Another factor is how long its been since Window Cleaning was last carried out and the frequency of cleaning you require. The good news is it’s relatively inexpensive. Our network of Window Cleaners carry out regular cleans from as little as £8!

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Window Cleaning frequencies vary greatly depending on the customers needs and requirements. Most residential customers choose to have there windows cleaned on a monthly basis. This enables your Local Window Cleaner to keep your Glass, frames, sills and doors in the best possible condition. Businesses however can vary greatly. Shops and pubs tend to have their window cleaning carried out weekly/fortnightly, whilst some other larger establishments such as offices, schools, dentists, hospitals, factories choose to have there Window Cleaner come on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even an annual basis. Your individual requirements can all be discussed upon contact with your Window Cleaner.

What Does My Window Cleaning Include?

All our network of Window Cleaners in Hampshire and West Sussex clean the Glass, Frames, Sills and your front and back doors as part of any Window Cleaning service they offer. We believe that a Window Cleaner should be just that, and clean the entirety of the windows and not just the Glass. Business Window Cleaning however is a little different. The spec of the window cleaning service you require would be discussed on initial contact with your local window cleaner.

Can Window Cleaners Still Use Ladders?

Absolutely! As long as they are fit for purpose, and all Health & Safety measures are in place. Our Network of Window Cleaners prefer to use the reach and wash method with purified water, enabling them to keep their feet firmly on the ground. We understand however, that there is still a need for ladders and a traditional Window Cleaning approach. Both methods however, are guaranteed to leave your windows sparkling clean and streak free!

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